2564 Knight of the Thistle

Photograph of 2564 Knight of the Thistle
Loco number: 2564
Loco name: Knight of the Thistle
Loco class: A3
Wheel arrangement: 4-6-2
Location: Unknown
Subject type: Steam locomotive and passenger train
Date taken: 1930s
From/to: Down White Rose Pullman
Notes: If this was taken after the January 1933 general overhaul, the nameplate would read "Knight of Thistle", subsequent to a complaint from Lord Lyon, King of Arms for Scotland. The nameplate carried after that date broke the tradition of naming the A3's after winners of Classic horse races ('Knight of the Thistle' won the 1897 Royal Hunt Cup at Royal Ascot)
Region: London North Eastern Railway (LNER)
Power classification: Not rated
Designer: Gresley